Recreational Classes

We offer classes for all dancers ages 2 (must be potty trained) and up! Our recreational classes are based on a fun and creative approach. We use a variety of engaging music in our classes to appropriately fit the age of the groups of dancers we are working with.
We use several unique props that the toddler age groups love. Our experienced dance instructors understand the value of being a role model and use positive reinforcement which helps the children with their self esteem & confidence. We create a caring and nurturing environment to build a strong relationship between the instructor and students. Our goal is for children to come and have fun!
Our Minis (ages 2-3) class & our Petites class (ages 4-5) explores circle stretches, story dances, rhythm exercises, traveling steps, and some free-form improvisation. Children practice moving as a group, cooperating, and following directions. This dancers may require a caregiver at times.
In addition, our other recreational classes (ages 6 and up) perform independent of a caregiver.  
We offer classes in various styles of dance: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, and Hip Hop. The different classes are then divided into various age groups i.e. 6-8, 9-11, 12+ (Teens). The age of your recreational dancer will determine which classes they are placed in. Classes are subject to change times or cancel depending on the number of students enrolled.  If a class is to cancel, then that student will be offered an alternative class to take in the same age, or the student may be subjected to bump up or down an age group. 
Children learn body part/spacial awareness and following directions. This class is a great introduction to basic ballet vocabulary, posture, and alignment. Students enjoy learning choregoraphy moving as a group, and expressing themselves creatively with a variety of music.





Lastly, we offer two Boy's Hip Hop classes. The classes are divided by ages. These classes focuses on implenting various hip hop skills and fast paced choreography that is both fun and exciting!  This is one of our most popular classes! 



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