How to register?

Click the link below to register with MK Studios and access your parent "portal"! 


Once you have accessed your account, parents can now register online, view class schedules, view account balances, pay dance dues, read important announcements, and much more!



-Note:  The studio Rules and Regulations Form is also located under the Rules & Regulations tab.  Though you are not required to turn this form in, please read as the Rules/Regs can change from year to year.


How much is tuition?



Tuition for each dance year is based on many different factors.  The number of classes the dancer registers for and the amount of time the dancer spends in the studio all factor in to the total price of our tuition rates.  Prior to registering with us, please consider a few things...


1.  Does the dancer want to dance recreationally (for fun) or join our Company (competitive) team?


Depending on whether the dancer auditions for our Company team or commits to recreational classes determines which classes the dancer will register for.  Our Company prices vary from our Recreational prices, due to the amount of time the dancer spends in the studio.


2.  Is the dancer interested in performing in more routines than just a group class?


The more classes the dancer registers for increases the total price of the monthly tuition due. All dancers who register with MKS are mandated to register for a group class, however additional private classes are availabe as well.  Please stop by the studio to see the registration form for more information regarding the mandatory group class policy.


3.  How flexible is the dancers after-school schedule? 


Depending on which classes the dancer is interested in and whether they choose to dance recreationally or compete will depend on how many hours they must attend class and whether their classes will meet on more than one day.  Often times, recreational dancers will only come to class one night a week, whereas a competive student may attend between 2-4 nights a week.  



Stop by the studio today or call us to find out more regarding tuition pricing.  


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