Our Dance Classes

is an all-embracing dance experience.  We are seeking to accommodate dancers of various skills, talents and age groups. Our dance instructors are currently qualified to offer classes in the following styles:

  • Ballet
  • Hip-hop / Break dancing
  • Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Contemporary
  • Musical Theatre
  • Tap
  • Pointe
  • Acro/Tumbling

Browse the following pages to learn more about the classes we offer, or download our weekly schedule. You can also call to speak with one of our dance instructors or contact us to sign up.


This class will provide the essentials of dance to provide a more effective use of the body through better coordination and control. Learning correct technique is fundamental. The student’s body cannot develop correctly if the physical movement performed in the classroom is done improperly. This class will not learn a choreographed dance to perform, but instead focus on barre work, turns, leaps, and skills that are choreographed into other dances.


Hip-Hop / Break Dancing

A style of dance primarily performed to hip hop music. Hip-hop is rooted in the urban social dancing and often calls for the dancer to freestyle (improvisation). Dances often include breaking, popping, locking, krumping etc... any new social dance being introduced to the “streets”


A technique whose roots are a blending of traditional Caribbean and classical dance performed to jazz music. This technique has evolved to incorporate various styles of dance and genres of music but still distinguishes itself by its musicality with an emphasis and strong accents and characterization.


A style of Jazz & Ballet technique demonstrating clean, classical lines while emphasizing emotional interpretation of the lyrics in the music.


A fusion of various styles while demonstrating a strong foundation in ballet and modern technique.

Musical Theatre

Any style that interprets a song from a Musical, Movie or Broadway show. Can involve (but not required) the dancer(s) lip-syncing the words to the music.


A number that demonstrates Tap technique.


A style blending dance with acrobatics, emphasizing on flexibility and aerial tricks. MK studios does not teach gymnastics. If a dancer chooses to do this style of dance, they must have previous gymnastics abilities.

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